• Creating Opportunity


  • Creating Opportunity


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АДРА вэбсайтанд тавтай морилно уу

ADRA works with people in need and distress to create just and positive change through empowering partnerships, and responsible action.  

ADRA Mongolia focuses on 4 main areas including:
- Youth and Education
- Food Security
- Disaster Management
- Micro Economic Development

ADRA Mongolia is an international non-profit - part of the ADRA global network- active in Mongolia since 1994 in the fields of food security, disaster management, health, education and economic development.

ADRA Mongolia works with donors from US, EU, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand to carry out community development projects across Mongolia. We work in partnership with Mongolian individuals and families regardless of any age, race, gender or religious affiliation


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